Why go with us for pool service?

We offer high quality weekly & biweekly pool service that you can always trust and count on to care for your swimming pool.

Caring for a pool requires a little more attention than overloading your pool with tabs and cheap chemicals from Wal-Mart, that don’t work. If a pool is not properly taken care of, or if it is not in chemical balance, could cost you much more money in the long run. Calcium, pH, and other chemical imbalances can lead to corrosion of the equipment such as your heater. Staining, and calcium scaling can happen too.

It is our job to make sure that the chemicals remain in a good range year round, so that none of those bad things happen to your pool. With us servicing your swimming pool, you will end up with a clean and clear pool you can feel safe to enjoy all summer and winter long in. We have years of experience in the pool cleaning/pool service industry, are CPO certified, licensed & insured. We currently cover pool service in most of Marion and Citrus counties. We are constantly expanding our service area. Even in the online world. Check out our store.

Here are some of the areas we travel to for our weekly pool service, Inverness, Lecanto, Hernando, Crystal River, Homosassa, Dunnellon, Beverly Hills, and more.

Below are prices on average for our weekly & biweekly pool service, actual cost may very depending on the size of the pool.

***Please note, we do not service above ground pools. We also do not do repairs or leaks, but we can refer you to good businesses that do specialize in those areas.